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Items relevant to the Master 512 from Beebug Magazine
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The only magazine to pay any attention to the Master 512 was Beebug. In addition to the regular 512 Forum articles by Robin Burton, it included a number of other items for the machine. These are listed here.

Watford's 512 Co-processor Interface - Review of an external co-processor adapter, allowing the 512 board to be connected to the external Tube of a Master or Model B/B+ (from Vol.6 No.1)

DOS Linefeeds - A method of correcting double printer linefeeds when using the Master 512, without changing the printer DIP switches from their usual BBC Micro settings. (from Hints and Tips in Vol.7 No.6)

Master 512 User Guide - Review of the User Guide published by Dabs Press (from Vol.8 No. 1)

Essential Software for the 512 - A brief introduction to Essential Software, and a review of first product released: The Ramdisc Utilities for the Master 512 (from Vol.8 No.5)

Psion Chess for the 512 - Review of a chess program that runs well on the 512 (from Vol.8 No.8)

More Essential Software for the 512 - Review of several programs for the 512 from Essential Software (from Vol.9 No.1)

Transferring View Files to PC Systems Using the 512 - Brief description about how to do exactly this (from Hints and Tips in Vol.9 No.3)

Master 512 Technical Guide - A review of the book by Robin Burton and published by Dabs Press (from Vol.9 No.9)

New Products from Essential - Review of two packages from Essential Software for the 512: Fastboot and CPFS (from Vol.9 No.10)

Public Domain Software (Nov 1992) - An introduction to 512-compatible PD and shareware software (from Vol.11 No.6)

Public Domain Software (Dec 1992 - part) - Attempting to un-archive a large compressed file using the Master 512 (from Vol.11 No 7)

Public Domain Software (Jun 1993 - part) - Description of a couple of PD programs written specifically for the Master 512 (from Vol.12 No.2)

Public Domain (Dec 1993 - part) - About a further collection of 512-compatible programs

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