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by Richard Grant

Users of the 512 Co-processor will have found that DOS convention is to output a linefeed along with a carriage return. Under normal configuration this will produce double spacing on the printer. The obvious way of rectifying this is to change the DIP switch settings when using DOS. However, a much tidier method is to switch off Auto Linefeed from software. Unfortunately, as many members will be aware, the *FX6 command is not effective from within DOS.

Richard Grant suggests that the printer should be programmed so that a linefeed is half its normal height. This means that two line feeds will in fact only appear as one. The way to implement this is to use the Epson ESC,"A",6 control code sequence.


Obviously this command cannot be entered from within DOS, so it should be used in a boot file (or Basic program) before the coprocessor is selected.

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