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Ian McWhinnie

To take a View file created on a Master under the ADDS and transfer it to an MS/DOS compatible disc using the 512 co-processor, proceed as follows:

1. Remove any embedded commands, such as PB or CE, and load the file into Edit using *EDIT <filename>.

2. All control codes appear as inverted characters on a white background. View has a Return at the end of each line (|M), and two to terminate a paragraph. GEMWRITE, for example, uses a Return together with a line Feed (|J), and a paragraph stop (|T). Use f5 in Edit (global search and replace) to convert control codes as required. For GEMWRITE:

LOAD View file into Edit
Select f5, global search
Type: |M/|M|J <Return>
Select f5, global search again
Type: |M|J|M/|T|M|J|M <Return>

To remove unwanted control codes, for example Ctrl-Z used for justifying:

Type: |Z/ <Return>

To replace Tabs:

Type: |I/<8 spaces> <Return>
SAVE file with another name.

Access DOS on the 512, and format a disc as appropriate for the receiving PC. Copy GETFILE.CMD and PUTFILE.CMD on to it. With this disc in drive 0, and your edited View file on disc in drive 1 type:

GETFILE :1.$.<filename> a:<filename>.DOC

Then use COPY to transfer the file to other directories if necessary.

This has been tested with two MS/DOS systems, and a View file has found its way successfully onto Unix.

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