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A : Software Compatibility List        


The following pages contain details of software that should run on the Master 512. Total compatibilty cannot be assured due to the wide range of features offered by many of the larger packages. Some software may require a hard disc to be used correctly.

Further details on these can be obtained from Dabhand Computing Ltd. (061-766-8423) who also offer the products at a discounted price.

Title    Ver    Supplier    Comments
Ability   1.2   Migent   Except Comms & Tutor
Ability Plus       Migent   Except Comms & Tutor
Accountant   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
Accountant Plus   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
Auto sketch   1.0a   Auto Desk   Keyboard only
Ballyhoo       Infocom    
BBC BASIC 86   1.0   M-Tec    
Beyond Zork   1.0   Infocom    
Book Keeper   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
Bureaucracy       Infocom    
Cardbox       Business Simulations    
Cardbox Plus       Business Simulations    
COMM+   2.1   Margolis   Comms program
Dataease   2.5        
Dbase II   2.43   Ashton Tate    
Dbase III+   1.1   Ashton Tate    
Dbase IV   1.00   Ashton Tate   As far as tested
Deadline       Infocom    
Delta   4.0        
Desktop   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
Displaywrite II            
Displaywrite III           Needs installing
Draw-it   1.0        
DR C   1.0   Digital Research    
DR FORTRAN   1.0   Digital Research    
DR PASCAL   1.0   Digital Research    
DR Personal BASIC       Digital Research    
DR RASM   1.0   Digital Research    
Enchanter       Infocom    
Eureka   1.0   Borland    
Exchange   1.0   Psion   Needs installing on a PC first
Executive Filer   1.0        
Executive Speller   1.0        
Executive Writer   1.0        
Financial Contol   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
Flight Simulator   2.12   Microsoft   Not 2.13
Fontasy   1.0        
Framework II   1.0   Ashton Tate   Except scroll lock
GEM Desktop       Digital Research   Supplied
GEM Diary   1.0   Digital Research    
GEM Draw   1.0   Digital Research    
GEM Graph   1.0   Digital Research    
GEM Paint       Digital Research   Supplied
GEM Wordchart   1.0   Digital Research    
GEM Wordcraft   1.0   Digital Research    
GEM Write   1.0   Digital Research   Supplied
GW BASIC   1.0   Olivetti    
Hitch Hikers Guide       Infocom    
IBM Assistant            
Infidel       Infocom    
Integrated 7            
ITT XBASIC            
Javlin Plus            
Lattice C   1.0        
Leather Goddesses       Infocom    
Lets C            
Level 2 COBOL   2.1        
Logistix   1.0   Grafox    
Lotus 123   1.0a   Lotus   Not 2.0. Latest version works
Microsoft BASIC   2.0   Microsoft    
Microsoft C       Microsoft    
Microsoft COBOL   2.1   Microsoft    
Microsoft FORTRAN       Microsoft    
Microsoft MASM       Microsoft    
Microsoft PASCAL       Microsoft    
MS-Chart   3.0   Microsoft    
Multimate   3.2       Except DEL key
Multiplan   2.02        
New Word 3   3.01   New Star   Files limited on DOS Plus 1.2
Norton Commander   1.00   Peter Norton    
Norton Utilities   Adv.   Peter Norton    
Paradox   2.0   Borland   Except personal programmer
PC Boss   2.06        
Payroll   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
PC Calc            
PC File            
PC Four   1.0   Psion    
PC Outline   1.08        
PC Paint   4.0        
PC Paintbrush            
PC Planner   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
PC Prolog            
PC Promise   1.12        
PC Smart            
PC Storyboard   1.11       Except camera
PC Talk            
PC Tools            
PC Write   2.7        
PC Write   1.0   Sage   Some Colour Problems
Pegasus Accounts       Pegasus    
Perfect Calc            
Perfect Filer            
Personal BASIC            
Personal Editor   1.0        
Planetfall       Infocom    
Power 'C'       MIX   Requires DOS Plus 2.1. Reload COMMAND.COM first
Retrieve   1.0   Sage   Some colour problems
Sidekick   1.2   Borland   Requires DOS Plus. 2.1. Not versions above 1.50
Sorcerer       Infocom    
Stationfall       Infocom    
Supercalc II       Computer Associates    
Supercalc III   2.1   Computer Associates    
Supercalc IV   1.0   Computer Associates    
Suspect       Infocom    
Suspended       Infocom    
Turbo C   1.0   Borland   Need to write your own Floating point routines
Turbo CAD   1.0   Borland    
Turbo Editor   3.0   Borland    
Turbo Graphics       Borland    
Turbo PASCAL   3.0   Borland    
Turbo PASCAL   4.0   Borland   Requires DOS Plus 2.1. Reload COMMAND.COM first
Turbo Reflex       Borland    
Twin   1.3        
Ventura Publisher   1.0       Needs DOS Plus 2.1 and PC+
Volkswriter 3   1.0   Lifetree    
Volkswriter Deluxe       Lifetree    
VP Planner   1.0       Requires loader
VU Writer            
VU Writer Scientific            
Wishbringer       Infocom    
WordPerfect   4.2       Not version 4.0 or 4.1
Wordstar   3.x   Micro Pro    
Wordstar Prof.   4.0   Micro Pro   Requires DOS Plus 2.1
Zorland C           Problems with ZC
Zork I/II/III       Infocom    

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