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Note to Copyright Holders

None of the items on this website, whether books or software, are commercially available now. The books are all out of print, and none of the programs are stocked by any software suppliers – a good many of the producers no longer exist.

It is extremely unlikely that any of these items will ever be re-published, and I fear that no more royalties can ever be expected to come the way of their authors.

On the other hand, many authors and software writers would prefer their past work to be available to the public, even though they themselves may not expect to profit from it. With this expectation I have included these items on this site.

However, I have no desire to breach anyone's rights. If you are the copyright holder of any of the software or books I have included and you would prefer them removed, then please email me at: yellowpig at cowsarenotpurple dot co dot uk (obviously, replace "dot" and "at" with appropriate symbols).

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