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F : Programs Disc        


To accompany this book, a disc of programs has been prepared, which provide useful utilities for the 512 user. Included on the disc are:

File Viewer       A program to view text files on screen, allowing you to scroll up and down the file. Great for reading documentation and README files, and much more convenient than the standard TYPE.
Dump   A program to view any DOS file in hex and ASCII in a layout similar to *DUMP on the Master, but again with the ability to scroll up and down the file.
APrint   A print handler, originally designed for use with the Ability integrated software package, but which will work with any program, Aprint takes a spooled text file (ie Print to Disc) and outputs to the printer, ensuring that formfeeds are sent at the end of each page. This is primarily for printers (including laser printers) with sheet feed mechanisms, which need an actual formfeed character at the end of each page.
Menu   A user-definable menu system, which allows you to create your own custom menus, to start software packages off with a single keypress. The names of the files to be run, and the menu descriptions, are saved in a text file on disc, and can easily be altered, using any text editor (including ED) to your own descriptions. DOS operations can also be performed from the menu.

and many other useful programs. A separate manual is provided.

The Master 512 Dabhand User Guide Programs Disc costs £7.95 inclusive of VAT, postage and packing, and is available from Dabs Press, at the address given on page 2. Credit card holders can order by telephone on 061-766 8423.

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