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L: Other Dabs Press Products    

Other Dabs Press Books

Dabs Press publishes a wide range of books on computer topics. There follows a list of some of our recent and forthcorning titles.

If you are interested in any of these books, details of how to obtain them are given at the end of the list.

BBC Micro & Master

Master 512: A Dabhand Guide by Chris Snee

ISBN 1-870336-14-3. Price £9.95. Programs Disc £7.95 inc.VAT.

Available NOW.

This is a comprehensive reference guide for all users of the Master 512, Acorn's PC-compatible add-on for the Master 128 and BBC Micros, and the companion volume to this book.

Highly practical in approach, the book provides detailed information on all DOS Plus commands, and explains how they differ from MS- DOS. It shows 'step-by-step' how to install and run PC applications on the Master 512, including useful techniques such as the creation of batch files.

In addition, the use and operation of the utilities provided with the machine are explained, many of which are previously undocumented.

Features of the book include.

Chris Snee is a consultant in the fields of personal computers and mechanical engineering. His considerable expertise with the BBC Micro and PCs has been derived from writing practical applications software, and troubleshooting. This is his second book, his previous one Mastering the Disc Drive receiving much acclaim.

"The book has the pleasing and informative style that Dabs Press seem to encourage. It is neither over-technical nor over-simplistic in approach, but deals with the subject in a logical and understandable manner that reveals the author as a master of the machine" (Micronet 800 March 1989).

BBC Micro Assembler Bundle by Bruce Smith

ISBN 1-870336-08-9. Price £4.95 (inc.VAT). Available NOW.

This is a five part package of materials for anyone starting out learning assembly language/machine code progranuning on the BBC Micro/Master Series.

BBC Micro Assembly Language is a 204-page introduction to programmmg the machine in 6502 assembly language/machine code. It assumes no prior knowledge whatsoever, and takes you to a reasonable level of proficiency in the subject.

BBC Micro Assembler Workshop starts where the previous book leaves off, progressing further into the subject, with a host of useful type-in utilities, which are also informative in machine code technique.

The third and fourth parts of the package are two discs, one to accompany each book, containing the programs from the book. Over 90 programs are included on these discs. Finally, an extra booklet has been produced covering the further opcodes and features on the Master Series, bringing the books bang up to date. The whole package is available exclusively from Dabs Press for £4.95 whilst stocks last.

Master Operating System: A Dabhand Guide by David Atherton

ISBN 1-870336-01-1. Price £12.95. Program Disc £7.95 inc. VAT. Available NOW.

Now in its second edition, this is the definitive reference work for programmers of the BBC Model B+, Master 128, and Master Compact computers. It also contains much material of interest to BBC Model B and Electron users. The book covers all the features of the Acorn machine operating system (MOS) including:

Also included is a complete list of differences between the various Acorn computers, and in one convenient place, all those vital tables that you need when programming your BBC computer.

The Shadow and Sideways RAM and Tube chapters are expanded to provide application ideas, and the book is liberally sprinkled with program listings.

"Serious users shouldn't be without their copy of this invaluable book" A&B Computing (November 1987).

Mastering Interpreters and Compilers by Bruce Smith

ISBN 0-563-21283-7. Price £14.95 incl. programs disc (incl.VAT). Available NOW.

This clear and comprehensive introduction to the often misunderstood topic of computer language interpreters and compilers emphasise the practical side of the art.

It moves gradually from the idea of a 'wedge' in the BBC computer's operating system, to a simple interpreter, a simple graphics language, threaded interpretive languages (including FORTH), and finally, a stand-alone compiler.

Listings of all the implementations are given. To save typing time, these listings are also supplied as a disc

This book will give anyone with a good knowledge of assembly language the foundation upon which to build an interpreter or compiler of their own.

Mini Office II: A Dabhand Guide by Bruce Smith and Robin Burton

ISBN 1-870336-55-0. Price £935. Program Disc £7.95 inc.VAT Available NOW.

Bruce Smith and Robin Burton have joined forces to write this official tutorial and reference guide to the award-winning and revolutionary Mini Office II software. This book covers the BBC Micro and Master versions of the program.

New and existing users will find the book to be a veritable mine of information, covering the everyday use of all the modules, and providing much data never before published.

The approach is a practical one throughout, using worked examples for you to try yourself. Divided into logical easy-to-read sections, it deals with each of the Mini Office II modules, providing many hints and tips en route. You'll get so much more out of your Mini Office II software after reading this book. The many features of the book include:

VIEW: A Dabhand Guide by Bruce Smith

ISBN 1-870336-00-3. Price £12.95. Program Disc £7.95 inc.VAT. Available NOW.

Now in its second edition, this is the most comprehensive tutorial and reference guide ever written about the Acornsoft VIEW wordprocessor for the BBC Micro, and issued as standard (but without a manual!) on the BBC Master 128 and Compact computers.

No stone has been left unturned, and all aspects of wordprocessing are covered. In addition a suite of VIEW utility programs are provided for you to type in, including View Manager, an easily extendable menu-driven system for managing your documents.

Thorny subjects such as macros, page layout and printer drivers are revealed in Bruce Smith's well-known relaxed style.

"It's very good... I liked it very much" Radio London. "much more to offer the competent VIEW user ... practical and down-to-earth ... for those who want a complete, thorough and readable guide to VIEW, then Bruce Smith is your man." Beebug magazine (June 1987). "This is the first computer book I've read in bed for pleasure, rather than to cure insomnia" Acorn User (September 1987). "Smith brings a depth of understanding to View which should appeal to both novice and regular user" Micro User (November 1987)

ViewSheet and ViewStore: A Dabhand Guide by Graham Bell

ISBN 1-870336-04-6. Price £12.95. Program Disc £7.95 inc. VAT. Available NOW.

This is a complete tutorial and reference guide for the ViewSheet spreadsheet and ViewStore database manager for the BBC Micro model B/B+, Master 128 and Compact computers. Whether you wish to check your bank statement or run a million-pound business, this book is for you.

Every aspect of setting up and using a database and spreadsheet is covered, and numerous examples are provided to guide you.

There are also a number of utility programs to help you get more out of the VIEW family, including programs which join two databases together, and help transfer spreadsheets into a wordprocessor. OverView and ViewPlot are also extracted and explained.

The many features of the book include:

"If you are one of the people for whom the normal ViewSheet and ViewStore manuals may just have well have been the Rosetta Stone, then this book is definitely for you ... This guide is the sort of invaluable reference tool that all serious users of the View business suite need ... Having read two of the previous Dabhand Guides and found them both to be irreplaceable works, I for one am eagerly awaiting Dabs Press's next attempt to cut away more swathes of complexity from the software and hardware world." Electron User (June 1988). "You certainly feel that the manual has been put together by someone who has explored the facility thoroughly. The author seems aware of all its pitfalls and knows how to warn others to avoid them and get the best out of it." Oldham Evening Chronicle.


Z88 Dabhand Guide by Trinity Concepts

ISBN 1-870336-60-7. Price £14.95. Available NOW

This is the most comprehensive guide for all users of the Z88 portable computer and is indispensable for anyone wanting to get the most out of their machine.

All of the standard built-in application programs, including (but by no means limited to) PipeDream, are covered and clearly explained using easy-to-follow examples, and many hints and tips are included en route.

In addition, the book also shows you how to transfer files between machines, using the optional link products. No previous knowledge is required or assumed in the book, which includes much previously unpublished information.

The many topics covered include:

This book is from Trinity Concepts, the partnership who designed the Carnbridge Z88 Operating System software and many of the standard applications. Their understanding of the way the Z88 works is second to none, as you will quickly appreciate from the pages of this book. No serious user of the Z88 should be without this guide.

Z88 PipeDream. A Dabhand Guide by John Allen

ISBN 1-870336-61-5. Price £14.95. Available NOW

In this detailed and authoritative book, John Allen explains how to get the most out of PipeDream, the standard business software supplied with the Cambridge Z88 portable computer.

The book starts by covering the essentials required to write documents, produce spreadsheets, and keep database information. Thorny topics such as print formatting, the RAM filing system and the printer driver editor are covered in great detail,with clear and concise practical guidance which cuts a swathe through the complexities.

John Allen is a professional broadcaster and writer, and well-known to magazine readers for his many informative articles on the Z88.

Psion Organiser

Psion Organiser LZ: A Dabhand Guide by Ian Sinclair

ISBN 1-870336-92-5. Price £14.95. Available NOW

In this exciting book, Ian Sinclair, the UK's premier computer author delves into the new LZ Organiser from Psion, explaining how to use the various utilities and the built-in programming language.

Ian Sinclair has written over a hundred books on computers and other technology-related subjects.

IBM PC Compatibles

GW-BASIC: A Dabhand Guide by Geoff Cox

Price £14.95 approx. Available Summer 1990.

In this book Geoff Cox provides a comprehensive tutorial and reference to the programming language provided free with most IBM-compatible machines. As well as a friendly and helpful tutorial in BASIC programming, the book contains a complete command reference, detailing every comnmnd in GW-BASIC with examples of its use.

The book is also suitable for programming with Microsoft QuickBASIC and Borland TurboBASIC.

Ability and Ability Plus: A Dabitand Guide by Geoff Cox

ISBN 1-870336-51-8. Price £14.95. Available Spring 1990.

In this book Geoff Cox provides a no-nonsense comprehensive tutorial and reference to this popular integrated package for IBM compatible computers including the Amstrad range.

All aspects of all the modules are covered, and by the use of examples, you are shown how to perform a range of business tasks and how to use the programs in conjunction with each other, including transferring of data

Supercalc 3: A Dabhand Guide by Dr A A Berk

ISBN 1-870336-65-8. Price £14.95 Available NOW.

This is a complete tutorial and reference guide for one of the most popular pieces of software of all time – the Supercalc spreadsheet, and in particular, versions 3.1 and 3.21 for the Amstrad PC1512, PC1640, and other IBM PC compatibles. The book is also applicable to certain degree to Supercalc 2 for CP/M computers.

Dr Berk specifically writes to appeal to both the beginner and more experienced user, and packs the book with examples which should spark off many new ideas, based on your own work or home situation. Even those completely new to using computers will find the book perfectly comprehensible, yet the book omits nothing in its coverage.

Every aspect of setting up, using and applying the spreadsheet is described in detail. Commands, formulae, graphics, and files, to name but a few, are all explained in depth, and by frequent example.

Windows: A Dabhand Guide by Ian Sindair

ISBN: 1-870336-63-1. Price: £14.95. Available NOW.

Windows gives the MS-DOS user a view into the future, the way that the high power machines of the 90's, and their users, will operate.

You can take full advantage of this power with this Dabhand Guide to one of the most sophisticated operating environments yet written for the IBM PC and its compatibles.

In this book Ian Sinclair, the UK's premier computer author, provides you with the definitive introduction and reference work for Windows, including the 286 and 386 versions.

The book gives simple step-by-step examples which help you install Windows on your computer ... get up and running ... use the numerous utilities supplied with the software to best effect ... and gradually progress to more advanced use of Windows.

It is packed with hints and tips that show even experienced Windows users how to get the best performance from their software, and also how to fine-tune it to get the very best from existing software.

The book shows you how to get your favourite non-Windows programs up and running under Windows. Step-by-step and with numerous hints and tips you need never see the MS-DOS prompt again.

Ian Sindair also shows you how other Windows-based software can be run to best effect and take advantage of a common working environment to exchange data.

Samples of use include Excel, Ami, PageMaker and many more are given. And, of course, the book provides full details on all the Windows applications supplied with the system.

Windows: A Dabhand Guide helps you to realise the full potential of Windows to become a true Windows power user.

WordStar 1512: A Dabband Guide by Bruce Smith

ISBN 1-870336-17-8. Price £14.95. Available NOW.

This is the most comprehensive tutorial and reference guide ever written about the WordStar 1512 and WordStar Express wordprocessors on the IBM/Amstrad PC and compatibles.

Both beginner and advanced user will find the book to be a valuable companion whether merely writing a simple letter or undertaking a thesis. No prior knowledge of computers or wordprocessing is required, yet no stone has been left unturned, and all aspects of using the program are covered in Bruce Smith's own inimitable style.

The book is applicable to both versions of the wordprocessor and to the Amstrad 1512 and 1640 models, as well as other IBM compatibles.

Features covered include:

Bruce Smith grew up in the East End of London, and first became interested in computers whilst working as a technician in a hospital operating theatre. His hobby developed into a career and now he is now one of Britain's most prolific computer writers, with over 20 books published to date, and countless magazine articles.

Acorn Archimedes

Archimedes Assembly Language. A Dabhand Guide by Mike Ginns

ISBN 1-870336-20-8 Price £14.95. Programs Disc £9.95. Available NOW.

Learn how to get the most from the remarkable Archimedes micro by programming directly in the machine's own language, ARM machine code. This is the only book that covers all aspects of machine code/assembler programming specifically for the entire Archimedes range.

For those new to assembler programming, this book contains sections which take you step-by-step through new and exciting areas of Archimedes programming, including many examples using the features of the RISC OS Operating System, including the co-operative multitasking environment.

"The contents make the book a welcome addition to the manual provided with the computer, and will, no doubt, be an invaluable source of information for many owners of an Archimedes" Everyday Electronics (December 1988)

Archimedes First Steps: A Dabhand Guide by Anne Rooney

ISBN 1-870336-73-9. Price £9.95. Available NOW.

This book is the ideal starting point for first-time users of the Archimedes, taking you through the first few days and months of owning and using the machine.

There is an abundance of software provided with the Archimedes, and Anne goes through the programs, telling you how to get them started, and how to get the most out of them.

Many hints and shortcuts for using the RISC OS Desktop are also discussed, as are many third-party commercial software packages in such fields as art, music and so on.

Archimedes Operating System: A Dabhand Guide by Alex & Nic Van Someren

ISBN 1-870336-48-8. Price £14.95. Programs disc £9.95 inc.VAT. Available NOW.

For Archimedes users who take their computing seriously, this guide to the Operating System gives you a real insight into the micro's inner workings. This book is applicable to any model of Archimedes.

The Relocatable Module system is one of the many areas covered. Its format is explained, and the information necessary for you to write your own modules and applications is provided. This tutorial approach is a common theme running throughout the book.

The sound system is explained and the text includes much information never before published. The discerning user will revel in the wealth of information covering many aspects of RISC OS such as:

Throughout the book, programs are used to provide practical examples to use side-by-side with the text, which go to make this publication the ideal tabIe-side companion for all Archimedes users.

A programs disc is also available containing all the listings from the book, and some extra useful programs as well.

"Here is an essential book for Archimedes programmers" Micronet 800 (April 1989) "A jolly good read. Lots of really useful information presented in an accessible and readable manner ... this is a clearly written, well presented book. It is up to the usual high standards we have come to expect from Dabs Press, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all who want to know more about their machine's operating system." Archive magazine March 1989.

BASIC V: A Dabhand MiniGuide by Mike Williams

ISBN 1-870336-75-5. Price £9.95. Available NOW

This is a practical guide to programming in BASIC V on the Acorn Archimedes. Assuming a familiarity with the BBC BASIC language in general, it describes the many new commands offered by BASIC V, already acclaimed as one of the best and most structured versions of the language on any micro.

The book is illustrated with a wealth of easy-to-follow examples.

An essential aid for all Archimedes users, the book will also appeal to existing BBC BASIC users who wish to be conversant with the new features of BASIC V. Major topics covered include:

Mike Williams has been working with computers for over twenty years. For the past five, he has been editor of Beebug and RISC User magazines, the latter being the largest circulation magazine devoted to the Archimedes.

Amstrad PCW

A Dabhand Guide by F John Atherton

lSBN 1-870336-50-X. Price £14.95. Available Summer 1990.

The Amstrad PCW9512 personal computer word processor and its accompanying software, the LocoScript 2 system, has revolutionised low-cost wordprocessing, and introduced a whole generation of people to computer-based word processing for the first time.

In this easy-to-follow guide, John explains how to use the program starting from first principles, with no prior knowledge assumed, either of the Amstrad PCW system, the LocoScript program or even computers in general.

You are shown in practical detail how to set the system up to your own preferences, and how to produce neatly laid out letters, reports, essays and so on.

Difficult subjects are not avoided, instead they are introduced in a painless and straightforward way. After you have read this book, you will without knowing it, become a perceptive and sagacious word processor user.

F. John Atherton has used an Amstrad PCW machine for many years, and has trained dozens of beginners on the machine. He has used the most common questions and problems as the basis for many of the topics in this book.

Commodore Amiga

AmigaDOS: A Dabhand Guide by Mark Burgess

ISBN 1-870336-47-X. Price £14.95. Available NOW.

This is a comprehensive guide to the Commodore Amiga and its disc operating system, covering releases 1.2 and 1.3 of AmigaDOS/Workbench. It provides a unique perspective on this powerful system in a way which will be welcomed by the beginner and experienced user alike.

Rather than simply reiterating the Amiga manual, this book takes a genuinely different approach to understanding and using the Amiga and contains a wealth of practical hand-on advice and hints and tips.

Among the many features in this book are:

Amiga 500 First Steps: A Dabhand MiniGuide by Clive Grace

ISBN 1-870336-86-0. Price £tba. Available summer 1990.

This book is the perfect introductory guide to the Commodore Amiga 500. Its sole aim is to guide you through those first few months of ownership as an easy-to-read supplement to the Amiga User Guide and assuming absolutely no prior knowledge.

Its practical easy going approach introduces the various software and hardware components of the Amiga 500 and describes in detail how to put the machine to best use.

The Introductory Discs contain a wide range of useful programs that are also fully covered. But this book goes beyond this and also describes the many software and hardware additions available to the Amiga owner, and how to choose and install them.

AmigaBASIC: A Dabhand Guide by Paul Fellows

ISBN 1-870336-87-9. Price £14.95. Available spring 1990.

AmigaBASIC: A Dabhand Guide provides a fully structured tutorial to using AmigaBASIC on the whole range of Commodore Amiga computers.

Practical application is one of the many themes running through the pages and as such the many varied programs contained in its pages are both useful and informative in programming technique. You are assumed to have a grounding of the way in which your Amiga works but no prior knowledge of BASIC itself is necessary. A general theme of graphics is applied to the many examples throughout the book so that the techniques described are visually reinforced.


C: A Dabhand Guide by Mark Burgess

ISBN 1-870336-16-X. Price £14.95. Discs £7.95-9.95 inc. VAT. Available NOW.

This is the most comprehensive introductory guide to C yet written, giving clear, comprehensive explanations of this important programming language.

The book is packed with example programs, making use of all C's facilities. Unique diagrams and illustrations help you visualise programs and to think in C.

Assuming only a rudimentary knowledge of computing in a language such as C or Pascal, you are provided with a grounding in how to build up programs in a clear and efficient way.

The differences between various compilers are acknowledged and sections on the popular compilers for the Amstrad/IBM PC, Acorn machines including BBC and Archimedes, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga are included, with notes concerning the ANSI and Kernighan and Ritchie standard.

Features of the book include:

Mark Burgess writes computer programs in many languages of which C is his favourite. He is an honours graduate in Theoretical Physics.


Dabs Press publish a range of software for the Acorn Archimedes and BBC Micro, including products as diverse as language compilers for BASIC and Pascal, and computer games. For a free catalogue of software, please contact us.

Master 512 Shareware Collections

Price £29.95 per collection (incl. VAT and p&p)

Quite a lot of PC-compatible software does not run on the Master 512, but Dabs Press have scoured through vast quantities of shareware products to produce these two collections of five 800K discs (equivalent to eleven or twelve 360K discs) all of which has been tried and tested on the Master 512.

Volume 1 includes MindReader, a powerful word processesor with the amazing 'word-anticipate' feature, As Easy As, a full-function Lotus compatible spreadsheet, with macros and graphics, FloDraw, a first class flowchart design utility, FogFind, a writing style analyser, a bridge-p1aying game, a colour chess game, an aerial plane-flying action game, and many other arcade and board games. For Epson compatible printers there is a letter quality text printer, a downloadable font designer, and a utility to send printer codes directly from DOS. Your children will love the easy to use 'Kids Wordprocessor' with a simple command menu, and text characters an inch high. The world map program allows you to select any part of the globe and zoom in, with latitude and longitude co-ordinates, or by capital city.

As a result of the tremendous success of the first volume, Volume 2 has been released containing more tried and tested shareware and public domain software for the 512. This collection includes ExpressFile, a full function database manager with input form designer, report generator, and label printer, ExpressCalc, a powerful spreadsheet linking to ExpressFile, EZFL an exellent forms designer allowing simple aeation of forms using all the lines and boxes available in the IBM character set, EQ, an equation calculator which works out mathematical, scientific and financial equations.

The packages also includes a manual which contains full details of any patticular points on usmg the software with a Master 512, and also plenty of general hints about the differences between a 512 and other PC-compatibles.


Hyperdriver is an easy to use printer driver ROM that is independent of the application environment, meaning that it can be used regardless of the language, program or word processor that you are using. It is fully compatible with Epson compatible, matrix and laser printers, and all BBC and Master micros including 6502/Turbo second processors. Hyperdriver also works with the VIEW family (via a unique inbuilt printer driver). The pack contains a 16K EPROM for permanent internal fitting into the micro and a sideways RAM image on disc.


MiniDriver provides real printer power for users of Mini Office II. Its many features include 50 easy * commands, on-screen preview of effects, test print option, NLQ printer driver, and Teletext screen dump. The pack contains a 16K EPROM for permanent internal fitting into the micro or as a sideways RAM image on disc, additional hints and tips for use, and a 40 page manual are also included.

MOS Plus

This is a ROM that improves and extends the Master 128. It is not a utility ROM and its not meant for programmers, however it has been designed for the day to day user of the Master 128, providing useful commands which fall into the following five categories:

A major problem with the Master has always been that the DFS will not close files properly. Many software packages don't work with DFS because of this, including several major and important items for which there is no substitute. MOS Plus axes the bug, possibly freeing a socket in the machine.

Compact improvements. Although the Master Compact has inferior hardware to the Master 128, it has a superior operating system, because it has benefited from some of the further time spent on development. MOS Plus brings your Master 128 operating system up to Compact standard. *FORMAT, *VERIFY, and *BACKUP are in ROM,

*SHOW now shows the contents of all function keys, *SRLOAD allows you to use 'I' suffix to initialise a ROM image after loading it.

*BUILD/*APPEND take top-bit-set characters. *CONFIGURE and *STATUS now list in alphabetical order. *ROMS now shows RAM where sideways RAM is present. Also *BACKUP and *COMPACT now use sideways RAM meaning less swaps for single drive users, and of course you will now be able to *BACKUP without corrupting your current program or data.

Obtaining Dabs Press Books and Software

You can obtain Dabs Press books and software from any good bookshop or computer dealer, or in case of difficulty directly from us, post free.

Orders can be sent by post and payment can be made by cheque (drawn on a UK bank), postal order, credit card (quote number and expiry date), or official order (education/public sector/PLCs only).

Telephone or fax orders can be made with a credit card – this is the simplest and most popular method.

Our address, telephone number and fax number are on page 2 of this book.

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